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Fall Tours of Home and Gardens

The Preservation Society of Charleston‘s 36th Annual Fall Tours of Home and Gardens began yesterday, September 27th and features historic homes as well as public buildings in some of the city’s most historic neighborhoods. The Fall Tours of Home and Gardens is a unique opportunity to see some of the most beautiful and architecturally significant homes on the Peninsula, which are normally not open to the public. This major event, which lasts until October 28th, is not only the major fundraising project for the Preservation Society, it is also an opportunity for both residents and tourists to learn about “preservation as progress.” Charleston is praised worldwide for its preservation strides, and the fall tours are a great example of how the city came to earn such a distinction.

South Battery Home

The Insider Scoop

Each day of the Fall Tours of Home and Gardens is dedicated to a different street and/or neighborhood downtown, and there are two days that focus on South Battery. South Battery is probably one of the most recognizable streets on the peninsula, and a very frequented tourist spot because of its waterfront mansions, that are home to fascinating stories as well as breathtaking architecture. As a volunteer for this event, I can give a little sneak preview into one of the homes that will be on the South Battery tour (taking place on October 4th and October 7th). 51 1/2 South Battery, which was on the tour last year, will be featured again, and I am so privileged to get to present information on this property. This residence was originally built as a dependency for the larger house located at 51 South Battery. The exact date of construction is unknown, but is known to be in existence by 1872. The house is a 2-story brick structure, and originally had a stair hall plan, but was later renovated in the 1950s and again after Hurricane Hugo in 1989. The structure also houses a large collection of antiques, which are not to be missed! So make sure to take advantage of the fall tours this year, I promise you will not be disappointed! Additionally, if you are interested in volunteering for a house or garden tour, you can apply here.

51.5 South Battery Map51.5 South Battery Map

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